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A bit about Monica . . .

Monica Nelson, Technical/Creative WriterMonica Nelson began her writing career working as a technical writer working in the MIT Department for a financial services company in 1998. Having found the company lacking in documentation, she quickly began writing all kinds of manuals to cover processes and job descriptions within the department, preparing flowcharts to cover business processes used in the company, and other documentation required to cover the company's deficiencies. After a year, she moved onto a company engaged in producing an internet optimization technology. There she produced different documents including a user manual instructing the company's employees on the use of its help desk software.

Her interest in customer service deepened as she left there to pursue various business ventures. While a business owner, Monica continued her skill development by producing marketing materials and other documents for her company.

Monica now returns to her first love of technical writing bringing with her copywriting and creative skills to assist business owners in meeting their customers' needs. She advocates that with full commitment through intuitive and emotionally-connected writing, companies and customers can transact business successfully.

Monica Nelson
PO Box 44
Murdock, NE 68407
(402) 350-1814

Increasing customer satisfaction with each document.

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