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Monica Nelson, Freelance Writer

Business can't afford to ignore customer service . . .

There is too much competition for customers in today's business environment. Your company cannot compete on price and quality alone. The ice-breaker is customer service.
Excellent customer service --

  • keeps current customers from turning to the competition to replace your product
  • entices happy customers to buy more products;
  • brings in new customers via word-of-mouth advertising;
  • keeps service calls to a minimum;
  • builds a stellar brand;
  • contributes to maintaining high morale among employees;
  • reduces costs associated with all the above-mentioned benefits.
As you can see, your business must strive to provide the very best customer service  in your industry.
Follow my blog for ideas on how to grow your customer service strength.

How does a technical/creative writer help my business increase customer satisfaction?

Often, well-written documentation is a component of your product that may get overlooked. Or simply touched upon as a minor step, not realizing its detrimental effect. Those who treat it as inconsequential are taking a chance with that product's success.

Well documented procedures, information, and descriptions give your customer the chance to figure out your product's use on their own, saving them the trouble of picking up the phone to contact your customer service agent. It is a win-win situation for both your customer and yourself. Your customer gets the satisfaction and convenience of understanding and using your product without the annoyance of further investigation.

You hire fewer customer service agents, get the reputation for a well understood product, and save money from all the benefits that come with a polished and professional documentation standard.

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Increasing customer satisfaction with each document.

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