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Rare qualities . . .

  • Direct experience running a business. As an owner of small business operations, I've been in your shoes. I intuitively feel and relate to the concerns you have with budgets, time constraints, branding, and personnel issues. I see beyond only the writer's needs and desire.
  • Experience with both content and copy. When you need content (technical documents), I can deliver. When you need copy (web and advertising), I can deliver. When you need a combination of both (white papers), I can deliver. You don't need a bevy of writers performing different functions and attempting to integrate their different styles into a unified presentation.
  • Computer programming background. Yes, I've heard it too. Particularly in the software development field. The myth says you need a writer who is technologically ignorant in order to be effective. But if you think about this you will see that it is just the opposite.  Having enough technical background allows the writer to communicate conceptually with your SME, getting your engineer/programmer back to writing code faster. My job is to take those concepts and translate them into user language. Create value by allowing each person to stay focused on their best contribution.
  • Highly Sensitive Person Personality Type. About 15-20 percent of the population have a different nervous system physiology. I am one of those people. It comes with advantages and disadvantages. The good news for you is that there are many advantages to the HSP's employer. I feel things more intensely so I tend to be more intuitive, creative, and conscientious. I am stubbornly sensitive to all needs of the organization, the product I am writing about, and the end user. I am a vigilant perfectionist, doggedly pursuing an error-free end product.

Rare qualities add to value.

Other qualities

  • Good problem solver
  • Realistic and efficient time manager
  • Evolved social and communication skills -- English is my first language
  • Resourceful researcher
  • Technical editor
  • Project manager with ability to assess needs and manage document creation projects
  • Independent worker with team attitude
  • Detail-oriented interviewer
  • Self-starter -- motivated, curious, passionate


Monica Nelson
PO Box 44
Murdock, NE 68407
(402) 350-1814


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